Wicked Pony Ranch Property Features

Wicked Pony Ranch has a lot to offer, with over 100 acres and multiple spots contained on our ranch to host your event. Explore the unique features of each spot that make up the wonderful ambiance at the Wicked Pony Ranch. 

So, when you're ready, we'd love to have you come and visit us. You will be able to see up close why Wicked Pony Ranch is one of the leading venue choices if you’re seeking a rustic venue to host country themed celebrations. 


Welcome to the Saloon, a 4,500 sq. reception hall event space that can comfortably accommodate 200 guests. The Saloon’s rustic-chic elegance is highlighted by an abundance of local cedar and beautiful chandeliers. It features a rustic indoor bar, a DJ or Band area, and marbled concrete which will help keep the party going and keep your guests smiling.


The large sliding doors in the saloon will cool the room with a light, airy breeze. There are numerous focal points for beautiful pictures in the Saloon, including a gorgeous staircase that leads to the indoor and outdoor balcony. Rainy days are not a problem at Wicked Pony Ranch, as the staircase and balconies are a great alternative to having your wedding ceremony outside. Additionally, our climate-controlled restrooms and a caterer's preparation area provide the finishing touches to the allure of the Saloon. 

The Shed is a 1,000 sq. ft. event space that can comfortably accommodate up to 50 guests. Also known as, the Groom’s Room, the most manly of men will find the space to be comfortable and spacious. The Shed hosts marbled concrete floors, a private bathroom, a/c, and heating unit, a rustic bar, and a refrigerator. Game days are no match for the friendly competition that can take place while guests use the dartboard and foosball table.  


If breathtaking views are a top priority to you, then the Shed’s four large garage doors face the beautiful pond, and the doors can be opened to let in a natural airy breeze. Keep your eyes peeled for our resident swans, Waylon and Willie.  


Outdoor celebrations find their perfect match at the Cantina, a large open bar and gathering area.  The Cantina’s rustic bar is made of cedar from the ranch. The bar also features a copper back bar, commercial grade sink, and refrigerator. There is room for twelve people to sit and relax at the Cantina.


The most notable feature is the Cantina’s 360-degree view of the entire ranch. Whether it is the bonfires that surround the Cantina, the beautiful pond, the Tipi or Barn, the main hub for outdoor celebrations are definitely central to the Cantina. 

Our ranch wouldn’t be complete if it did not have a traditional red barn. The Barn houses the Director of Morale, our rescued Pig, who is conveniently named “Pig.”  We have Edison lights, which have been carefully strung around the barn to add to the ambiance of the large covered seating area on the side of the barn. The seating area also offers guests a view of the bonfires and the Cantina. Besides the stalls, the inside of the Barn features, rustic, old antique barrels and an authentic slate schoolhouse blackboard, all of which will give you endless amounts of fun and places to take photos.  


Step back into time and let your imagination soar inside our 16 ft. Tipi. The Tipi was inspired by Sioux Indians and painted to represent specific elements of our Ranch. The circles on the bottom symbolize family members. The blue which is above the circles represents the river that runs through Wicked Pony Ranch. The red signifies passion and love, something that we hope all of our guests will feel when visiting the property. The Tipi is large enough for eight people. Couples who are looking for a unique wedding night experience can sleep inside the Tipi. Accommodations include a double bed, electric, and of course the beautiful stars, which can be seen from inside the Tipi. 


Overnight accommodations are available for twelve guests in our exquisitely decorated two-story Lodge. The Lodge features four bedrooms, one bunk room with two sets of bunk beds, and three bathrooms. Guests will certainly appreciate the large 16-foot Cyprus dining table, the late 1800’s cookstove, bear hides, and the abundance of antique treasures.


The upstairs features a separate kitchenette. Guests will undoubtedly notice the 100-foot porch, which wraps around the Lodge. Not to mention the eight, very large pine rocking chairs that provide guests views of the beautiful waterfalls and gardens. The rocking chairs were handmade by a local artisan and will become your favorite spot to watch the beautiful sunsets that overlook the Ranch in the evening.  The cost to rent the Lodge is $1,000 per night and accommodates 12-14 people. 


The Cabin, also known as the Honeymoon Cabin, offers overnight accommodations for two guests. After a long day of celebrating, the large, king size bed will welcome the bride and groom, which was handmade from pine. The Cabin includes wood floors and a large bathroom, coffee pot, electric fireplace, and a refrigerator. The private porch has two chairs that are ideal to sit and look at the view of the arbor and blackberry patch.