From an early age, I discovered I had a love for horses and the lifestyle that came along with them. I bought a bronze horse statue at an auction in my 20’s, which I cherish dearly. Every journey I have taken seems to bring that statue back to my life. 

Well, the statue that I cherished happened to be a sculpture made by the famous Frederic Remington. The brass plate bore the name “The Wicked Pony.” 

Twenty years later, I found this little piece of heaven tucked away in the quiet hills of Jefferson County, the “WICKED PONY RANCH.” 

Brenda Rush - Owner of Wicked Pony Ranch

Brenda Rush, Owner of Wicked Pony Ranch

A little girl's dream...

Now, rest assured there are no wicked ponies here, (just spoiled ones), a donkey, and one resident pig! The Wicked Pony Ranch is an authentic working horse ranch, and a unique venue.  It recaptures the cowboy way of living, immersed with inspiring romantic elegance that will create memories to last a lifetime.