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Planning The Perfect Fall Wedding

In the Midwest, autumn is the most picturesque time of year, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular time of year to get married. There’s nothing quite like a Missouri wedding in the fall–the changing colors of the trees and plants mixed with the beautiful temperatures. It can’t be beat.

Missouri landscapes showcase the beauty in every season; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter; Wicked Pony Ranch offers the most stunning backdrop for your wedding photography! Fall is a great time of year to get married; it’s warm and cool, and some plants are still blooming while others are changing colors!

At Wicked Pony Ranch, we love an opportunity to share tips on planning the perfect fall wedding here at the Ranch. Lucky for you, we know a thing or two about planning the perfect wedding,

Indoor or Outdoor Venue

The great thing about fall weddings is the temperatures. Whether you’re getting married in the early fall (a September wedding), mid-fall (October), or late fall (November), the temperatures are pretty agreeable–for the most part.

When you’re early on in wedding planning, deciding between having an indoor or outdoor venue can be one of the toughest decisions. Many couples prefer to have the ceremony outside and the reception inside. At Wicked Pony Ranch, we have eight ceremony sites on our property, and two of them are indoor venues. The most popular combo at the Ranch is to have the ceremony at the Field Arbor and then the reception at the Saloon or the Red Barn.

Keep the weather in mind if you plan to have the ceremony outside. Provide your guests with blankets, and have a backup plan in case it rains! To make your guests even cozier, serve warm drinks like apple cider or mulled wine.

Autumn Wedding Color Pallet

One of the many great things about a fall wedding is the wide variety of color pallets–everything from pastels to dark tones and jewel tones. Fall has a variety of moods; If you’re doing an early fall wedding, many couples opt for pastel colors as we transition out of the bright, warm summer colors. As autumn progresses, we see a lot of darker tones, like greens, reds, black, and browns. Right now, neutral tones are in, and they compliment the changing colors of fall so well!

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Keep the changing temperatures in mind when selecting what you want the wedding party to wear. In Missouri, the autumn weather can be unpredictable. It may be 80 degrees, sunny in October, or chilly and cloudy, so selecting attire that will keep the wedding party comfortable is important. Have your bridesmaids select dresses with heavy fabrics or long sleeves and wear matching pashminas to keep warm. Jewel tones, metallics, and dusty colors are popular color options for dresses and attire.