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Wedding Album Tip: Wicked Pony Ranch Farm Animals Add Symbolism to Photos

A couple look out at the romantic swans and scenic vistas of Wicked Pony Ranch.

Wicked Pony Ranch is the premier outdoor destination for rustic and elegant country weddings. Wicked Pony now invites couples to integrate a few additional faces into their wedding day photos to elevate the country chic beauty of every wedding event. The Ranch is excited to introduce adorable new team members–our farm animals!

Every animal on the Ranch symbolizes a unique aspect of marriage. From abundance to strength, learn the symbolic meanings behind each of our farm animals and discover ideas to integrate each animal into your wedding day photography.

Table of Contents:

The Majestic Horse: Capture the Virtues of Honesty and Courage

Have a Cow: Our Calves Create Moo-ving Photos with Hidden Meaning

Swan Symbolism: Romantic Elegance

Pig Symbolism: An Aura of Abundance and Fertility

Donkeys: A Beast of Burden That Denotes Peace and Humility

The Spirit Animal: Bison Calves Signify Growing Strength

What Does a Cat Symbolize? How the Feline Nods to Marital Grace


The farm animals at Wicked Pony Ranch are not simply beautiful, cute, or cuddly; each has a special symbolism that makes them a meaningful addition to wedding photos. 

Horses represent honesty and courage. Intgrate these animals into wedding photos.

The Majestic Horse: Capture the Virtues of Honesty and Courage

Horses are beautiful, graceful, and majestic creatures; they provided the model for the mythical unicorn, and, through the centuries, horses have been revered for their speed, power, and elegance. The ancient Celts believed that horses symbolized energy and fertility. The ancient Greeks looked upon horses as a symbol of wealth and power. A horse spirit animal, however, is associated with virtues of honesty, courage, and independence.

The horse has been the subject of songs, literature, myths, and epic poetry. For many living in rural Missouri, the horse symbolizes country life and freedom. Whether couples believe that the horse showcases honesty, power, or energy, no animal at the Ranch depicts the spirit of the country like a horse. 

Schedule a wedding day visit to the fields or the stable and add our horses to the shot list. Capture a photo of the bride or groom leading one of the horses, or opt for other engaging photos. Some couples who are equine enthusiasts shoot wedding photos sitting on the horses. 

Wicked Pony Ranch is home to nine horses. Meet them all!

Meet the Horses at Wicked Pony Ranch

Snap wedding photos with one or all of our stunning horses:

  • Ginger, an 18-year-old Tennessee Walker

  • Rojo, a 19-year-old Missouri Fox Trotter

  • Bling, a 15-year-old American Quarter Horse

  • Marley, a 16-year-old Friesian 

  • City Slicker, a 20-year-old American Paint Horse

  • JB. a 27-year-old Pinto American Paint Horse

  • Misty, a 25-year-old American Quarter Horse 

  • Rango, a 20-year-old Missouri Fox Trotter

  • Snip, an 18-year-old American Quarter Horse

Red Hot and Chili Pepper are Scottish Highlander Cows. Snap a photo with bovine cuteness!

Have a Cow: Create Moo-ving Photos with Hidden Meaning

The ancient Greeks held the bull as a symbol of strength; the bull was part of many Greek myths, including the legend of the Minotaur (the word means “Mino’s bull”). Cows also represented fertility.

Red Hot and Chili Pepper, the one-year old Scottish Highlander Cows at Wicked Pony Ranch, might not be perceived as symbols of power and might, but they add more than a dollop of adorable to wedding photos. Invite a darling calf into the wedding photos and add a country touch to the album.

Graceful swans capture elegance and romance. Meet Waylon and Willie at Wicked Pony.

Swan Symbolism: Romantic Elegance

Swans are symbolic of love, romance, and grace. Wicked Pony Ranch features a small lake bedecked with romantic swans. Capture the beauty and love of the day with a photo opportunity with our swans Willie and Waylon in the backdrop.

Couples can host their wedding in front of a romantic location, too. The Lake Front Arbor features a circular rustic backdrop signifying eternal love that perfectly frames the lake and our swans. 

Piggers, our resident adorable pig, captures the symbol of abundance! Schedule your photo op today.

Pig Symbolism: An Aura of Abundance 

Pigs might not seem like a romantic symbol or the ideal animal to include in wedding photos, but swine signifies abundance! In that spirit, we wish every marriage hosted at the Ranch offers abundant love, prosperity, and joy. Invite our nine-year-old Piggers (aka Oreo)  to the wedding photos and celebrate symbolic abundance!

Meet the trio of Sicililan donkeys: Gus, Ben, and Jerry. They signify peace.

Donkeys: A Beast of Burden That Denotes Peace and a Humble Demeanor

Donkeys were used as working animals and were among the many “beasts of burden” carrying cargo weight on their backs. The Journal “Animals” published a thesis that analyzed the portrayal and symbolism of donkeys throughout history. It was noted that in biblical references, the donkey came to be associated with a humble demeanor and peace.

Humility is a virtue of marriage that both individuals must embrace. Incorporating the donkey in wedding photos displays a secret and special symbolism. At Wicked Pony Ranch, we invite couples to meet our three miniature Sicilian donkeys–five-year-old Gus and Ben and Jerry (age 16).

Little Dakota ("Bullie") is a small Brahma bull. Include Bullie to symbolize marital strength.

The Spirit Animal: A Brahma Bull Signifies Growing Strength

The Brahma bull is known for its size and strength. The Rock has a Brahma bull tattoo. Celebrate the strength of marriage and the longevity of the union by inviting our Brahma bull into the wedding pictures.

Wicked Pony Ranch’s Brahma bull is a bit smaller in size. Little Dakota (aka “Bullie”) is small but mighty and mightily cute!

Cats are sleek and graceful, creating the purr-fect photo op!

What Does a Cat Symbolize? How the Feline Nods to Marital Grace

Cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt; the goddess Bastet was represented as a cat. Friendly felines have been associated with different symbolic meanings throughout history; some believed them to be magical, while others believed the cat represented cunningness. 

The graceful movements of cats symbolize the delicate nature and balance of marriage. Couples will find many cats at Wicked Pony Ranch, and each feline friend has a unique personality. Invite one into a photo! Take your wedding photos with John Cena (the Twisted Branch cat) or our Main Lodge/Bunkhouse cats, Poly-esther and Billy Ed.

Schedule your wedding at Wicked Pony and integrate sweet symbolism with our farm animals.

Plan Your Wedding at Wicked Pony Ranch

Wicked Pony Ranch is perfect for a rustic country chic or bohemian wedding. Choose from nine beautiful wedding sites and enjoy the vast property on your special day. Wicked Pony Ranch only hosts one wedding on the property at a time; this allows couples to enjoy the Ranch and schedule the photos they want anywhere on the sprawling landscape. Schedule a tour of Wicked Pony Ranch today and book your site!

FAQ: Animal Symbols

Why do pigs symbolize wealth?

Pigs eat anything–they are omnivorous. They also are very fertile. In ancient times, the number of animals correlated to an individual’s net worth or wealth. Thus, ownership of many pigs signified prosperity.

Is a swan a symbol of peace?

A swan symbolizes love and peace. White birds typically connote peace (like a white flag).

Which animal symbolizes love?

The dove traditionally symbolizes love, peace, and new beginnings. Many couples release doves on their wedding day.  

What animal symbolizes marriage?

Animals that stay together for life can symbolize marriage; Missouri animals that symbolize marriage or forever bonds include beavers and swans. Both choose a partner for life.

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