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Tips To Make Missouri Outdoor Weddings Comfortable

Appropriately nicknamed the "Show-Me" state, Missouri is a beautiful place to tie-the-knot. From gentle, rolling hills to glistening springs, its landscape offers breathtaking backdrops for couples who desire an outdoor wedding ceremony. Celebrations under bright blue skies hovering over majestic views are awe-inspiring, but couples who go the outdoor route should consider ways to maintain indoor comfort. The following are practical ideas to make your outdoor Missouri wedding comfortable during every season.

Timing is critically important. According to an article published by The Knot, fall weddings are the overwhelming favorite in Missouri. Roughly half of all marriages occur between September and November. Summer and spring weddings are ranked second and third, respectively. Winter weddings are much less popular as less than ten percent of marriages are held between December and February.  

While your wedding season is the most crucial decision, Missouri brides and grooms have other ways to improve their outdoor events' comfort. Wedding ceremonies typically last thirty minutes - long enough for guests to experience numbness and pain from sitting on wooden picnic benches or tree stumps. A simple way to alleviate such discomfort is to provide seat cushions. Consider adding cozy throws and pillows or rent stylish coverings from a party rental company. Your guests will thank you either way!

Lush green meadows and enchanted wooded forests make stunning marriage sites, but unstable walking grounds. To ensure your guest safety and well-being, make sure to warn against wearing heels or dress shoes. Demonstrate concern for their comfort by creating a smooth path. Wooden blocks, small cement platforms, and fabric runners are excellent solutions. 

Temperatures can and do fluctuate in every season. "Comfort necessity" items will ensure that your guests enjoy themselves when the unpredictable happens. If you schedule an autumn wedding, or your location gets chilly at night, you can provide pashmina shawls or wraps. Alternatively, handheld fans and sun umbrellas will keep summer and spring attendees cool during a warm-weather ceremony.

Hosting an outdoor Missouri wedding requires a bit of forethought, but the unrivaled beauty of a natural setting is worth it. If you're ready to start planning your outdoor wedding – our team at Wicked Pony Ranch is eager to help. We can't wait to get started with you!

Thank you to our talented vendors whose contributions make weddings beautiful!

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